Free Coloring Sheets for Testing Season


Earlier this week, I wrote about ways to get students excited about testing and mentioned my Motivational Coloring sheets as an easy activity to fill students with positive thoughts and help them relax. Continue reading to see 5 ways you can use these sheets in your room.

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Morning Work on Test Days

Students come to school nervous and anxious on standardized test days. Every other morning we start the day with a math warm-up so skipping morning work altogether is a bad idea. My students need routine, so we cling to it as much as possible. Coloring quietly at their desk helps keep routine and calms their minds.

coloring sheet with color pencils

Indoor Recess Activity

In Florida, it rains almost every afternoon from March to May. We usually play Go Noodle if going outside is not an option. Some students hate it though so I allow them to color. These coloring sheets are a great option for those students. You could also mix it up and just play music and let all students color during this time.


Do you have testing buddies? Or a group of teachers you want to encourage. Use could print 2 of these sheets to a page and let students fold a piece of construction paper to make a cute card. Then have them write an encouraging note to someone at the school.

testing coloring sheet with color pencils

Canceled Resource

Our Art, Music, and PE classes are last minute cancelations that can be stressful. Since the resource teachers have to travel to each room we usually find out the morning of that we need something to fill that time. These sheets are awesome to use while you figure out how to shift your plans around.

Decorate Classroom

Lastly, these sheets are adorable when completed. Matte on construction paper and hang above your windows or decorate your cabinets. They will add a colorful and positive vibe to your classroom.

Click the link below to get your own copy of the coloring sheets.

FREE Motivational Testing Coloring Sheets

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