What is an Interactive Math Notebook?


An interactive math notebook is essential in my 3rd grade math class. Continue reading to learn more about using an interactive math notebook in your classroom.

Interactive Math Notebook

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with the glue, cutting or students taking one million years to copy a word problem in their journal?

Even though it’s hard at first, most students do learn valuable lessons from using their math notebook on a regular basis.

teacher and Interactive Math Notebook

The Different Ways to Use an Interactive Math Notebook

There are so many options out there.

Some teachers use them strictly for students to practice word problems using journal prompts. Other teachers let students copy down examples from the board or overhead as they break down a new strategy or concept.

Interactive journals take it to a new level and students cut out and glue a range of activities from foldables to random shapes for a matching activity.

Interactive Math Notebook for Florida BEST standards

What is the Ideal Interactive Math Notebook?

All of this comes down to preference. I prefer the interactive math journal but without all the small pieces. I can’t handle students using three pages to work out one problem or watching the time slip away as they cut out the tiny pieces of paper that will probably end up scattered under their desk.

I wanted something efficient but also engaging for students. 

How to Set Up Your Interactive Math Notebook

I’ve found that keeping one whole page per lesson as a reference inserted into their math journal for the day worked best.

Interactive Math Notebook pages

Students could refer to the examples throughout the lesson. I didn’t have to worry if they copied something incorrectly or didn’t get time to finish.

It also made it easier to share with students that were absent or sent via Class Dojo to parents for a glimpse of what we were learning that week. 

On the second page, I prefer more student involvement. I suggest a whole piece of paper but one with blanks and opportunities for students to practice with you or a peer. 

The rest of the activities for the standard are more interactive. Cutting out matching games or journal prompts as partner or independent practice.

Interactive Math Notebook lesson

This way students are able to work at their own speed and it’s okay if they don’t finish the whole lesson because it’s just acting as a reinforcement of what they already completed with you.

It also motivates them to move quickly with the first two parts, so they have time to work with a partner.

Download a Sample Interactive Math Notebook Lesson

It is simple to create your own lessons for your class but if you are looking for FREE Florida B.E.S.T. 3rd grade place value lesson, you can download a copy here.

free Florida best Interactive Math Notebook place value lesson

Let me know in the comments below if you use interactive math notebooks in your classroom?

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