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I remember sitting in my classroom as a new teacher wondering how to teach rounding without all the quick tips and tricks. I wanted my students to REALLY understand the concept not just learn it for a test then forget it before next week. If you are wondering the same thing, then I’ve gathered for you THREE 3rd grade FL BEST rounding review games that are fun and engaging for your students.

I’ve learned that spending more time laying the foundation conceptually will help students in the future apply the strategy to more complicated problems. Creating number lines, labeling halfway, and end points can help students visualize which end point its closer to.

As a teacher, number lines provide you with way more data about your students’ place value understanding than simply the answer 1,248 rounds to 1,200.

Using an example from the FL BEST Math Journal Lesson below, students draw a vertical number line, see that they are being asked to round to the nearest hundreds place so labeling the endpoints 1,200 and 1,300. Then labeling the halfway point as 1,250. Finally, students place the number 1,248 on the number line. They can clearly see it is below the halfway point and closer to 1,200 than 1,300.

fl best rounding review example

If they get the wrong answer, you can see WHY and help students fix it which is obviously better than just helping them get the right answer.

Drawing number lines over and over can become boring and students don’t learn well when they are bored. You need these 3rd grade FL BEST rounding review activities to make rounding something your students will look forward to.

Continue reading to learn what they are and how to use them in your classroom.

Digital FL BEST Rounding Google Slides Activity

Doing the SAME thing the SAME way over and over again is tedious even for adults. Mixing it up and rounding not with paper and pencil but using google slides instantly changes the mood towards rounding two- and three-digit numbers.

fl best rounding google slides activity

Students get to place baking items like mittens a spatulas on the vertical number line to help them decide which number to round to.

The activity gradually advances in difficulty with students labeling the halfway and end points on the number line.

How to Use Rounding Google Slides Activity

This fun FL BEST rounding review can be completed whole group as a focus lesson. Project the lesson up on the board from your computer. Have students follow along with whiteboards. Ask students to take turns showing the class where they would place the oven mitt on the number line and which stove (endpoint) the number rounds to.

You could also assign this activity to students in your google classroom or send it to them through their email to complete during centers independently. They can email it back to you completed or turn in a sheet with their mathematical thinking for each problem as documentation.

Math Journal FL BEST Rounding Review

Math journal are hand down more engaging for students. They take ownership of the lesson when they cut out and glue the pages in their personal math journal.

Not only does this lesson have sorting and matching games but it also has a Find the Error activity.

Students read about other students making mistakes while solving different rounding problems and get to HELP them figure out where they went wrong.

They can pretend and be the teacher. Who doesn’t like that?

It also helps students learn to check their own work and look for errors. We all have students that finish early and their idea of checking their work is making sure every question has been answered. This activity helps teach students to use model or place value charts to prove something is correct or incorrect.

fl best rounding math journal lesson

How to Use Math Journal FL BEST Rounding Review Lesson

This lesson is great to use in your teacher led small group. It has examples, practice problems, and ways for students to practice independently. Reteaching made easy with all the examples and practice problems in one place.

You can also leave this lesson on a day you may be out of the classroom. Whether you are pulled out for a meeting or have a planned substitute, these lessons include all the parts and make it easy for anyone to use it.

Free Rounding Center Games

What is it about dice that take things up a notch on the fun-o-meter. Students take turn rolling the dice with their partners to determine which questions they answer. They can show their work and draw the number lines on the recording sheet. There is also a matching game for students to complete if they finish the other activity early.

fl best rounding game 3rd grade math freebie

You can grab the free center games at my TPT shop HERE.

How to Use Rounding Review Games

This activity is great for centers. Students can use it during their independent center or with a partner. Something about working with a friend instantly makes reviewing rounding more fun.

This activity would also work as an early finisher option. Have it set up in a basket at the back of the room for students to grab if they finish early. If you set the expectation ahead of time, you can avoid the “I’m done” interruptions as you work with students that may need more support.

Looking for Ways to Track Your Students’ Growth?

Sometimes it can seem like students aren’t making progress with rounding. I recommend tracking your students’ data and having quarterly data chats with them after large assessments.

Grab these 3rd Grade Florida BEST “I Can” Math Data tracking sheet to use with your students. You can learn about different ways to use them with your students here.

free fl best rounding games

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