FL BEST Standards Halloween Game for 3rd Grade Math

Looking for a fun and simple way to get your students moving and practicing the FL. B.E.S.T. standards on Halloween? This 3rd grade FL BEST Standards Halloween game is an active way for students to review place value, multiplication, addition and subtraction. Continue reading to learn how to use this math review game in your classroom. 

FL B.E.S.T. Standards Halloween Activity

How to Play the FL B.E.S.T. Standards Halloween Game

Choose the number sense and operations standard your students need to review.

Print out the ten task cards. Put the cards around the room in easy to find places.

Give each student a recording sheet or tell them to grab their math journals to show their thinking while they move around the room solving the different questions. 

Model for them how to match the number and picture for the question they are working on instead of starting with question one.

I suggest putting the students into groups and setting a timer for 2 to 4 minutes per station to keep students focused and on task. 

Have students rotate around the room visiting each FL BEST Standards Halloween Activity task card for a total of 10 rounds.

The review can take anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes.

Fun Additions to the FL B.E.S.T. Standards Halloween Game

To make it even more fun, play a spooky song while students transition between stations. The music makes the activity like a game or party and cuts down on off task behavior.

Spooky Song List

  • “The Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett
  • “The Human Bash” by Billy Kelly
  • “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr.

Have students do a funny dance as they move between stations. For example a zombie walk.

Tell students at the beginning that all the groups with great teamwork and on task discussions about their mathematical thinking will get a candy treat or homework passes.

Walk around to support all groups or station yourself at a challenging problem and meet with all the groups for a few minutes that way.

When to Use the FL B.E.S.T. Standards Halloween Game

Anytime the week before or day of Halloween. If Halloween lands on a weekend day then you could even use it on the Monday after it. Below is a list of specific time you could use the FL B.E.S.T. Standards Halloween Activity.

  • Before you have students share their Halloween treats
  • A rainy day when you can’t get outside
  • After an assembly
  • As review before an assessment
  • Tutoring before or after school
  • Canceled resource (music/PE/Art)
  • Anytime students need to get their wiggles out

How to Make Your Own FL B.E.S.T. Standards Halloween Game

Super easy to make your own. You can get fancy and print out a few problems from a recent assessment that students need to review or simply write questions you would like them to practice more on card stock or index cards.

Draw a few pumpkins, spiders, ghost and monster faces on the task cards.

Don’t forget to number the cards so students can match the question to the number on their recording sheet. 

Create at least 5-10 questions.  For the recording sheet you can make one in PowerPoint like the one below or just have students number the lines in their math journal so they can show their work.

FL B.E.S.T. Standards Halloween Activity recording sheet

Save Time and Get This FL B.E.S.T. Standards Halloween Game

If you are a 3rd Grade teacher and don’t have time to create your own set, you can get this FL B.E.S.T. Standards Halloween Activity by clicking HERE or the picture below.

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Sometimes it can seem like students aren’t making progress. I recommend tracking your students’ data and having quarterly data chats with them after large assessments.

Grab the 3rd Grade Florida BEST “I Can” Math Data tracking sheets and learn about different ways to use them with your students here.


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