Halloween Florida BEST Math 3rd Grade Test Prep

Are you worried about Halloween being on a Tuesday and losing time to review for an assessment later in the week? Let me show you how you can differentiate with a fun yet simple 3rd grade Halloween Florida Best Math Test Prep activity.

3rd grade Halloween FL BEST math test prep activity

How to Prepare for the 3rd Grade Halloween Florida Best Math Test Prep Math Activity

Step 1: Print or write down any data you have from a recent assessment or anecdotal notes.

Step 2: Analyze the data. Look for the standards that have been taught but are still in the red/yellow range with less than 67% mastery.

Step 3: Once you have the standards listed out, choose 5-6 standards to focus on. Save the lowest standards for whole group remediation.

Step 4: List the students in the red below each standard.

Check out the example below:

3. NSO 1.13. NSO 1.23. NSO 2.13. NSO 2.43. AR 1.23. AR 2.1
Sample Test Prep Plan for Halloween Florida BEST Math Activity

Step 5: Organize the students into groups. Some students will need to practice more than one standard so decide which one you want them to focus on and only place them in one group.

Step 6: Place the students that don’t need to remediate the standard you identified into a group.

How to Differentiate Using the Halloween Florida BEST Math Activity

Now you have 5-7 groups with 3 to 4 students in each group. Check out the 3rd grade NSO and Algebraic Reasoning FL BEST Standards Halloween Task Cards to save yourself a ton of time creating activities for each standard.

Halloween FL BEST standards Test Prep Activity

Each standard has its own set of 10 task cards and recording sheet for students to use and review the standard they need to remediation.

Print out the sets you need. Place them in a basket or folder. Copy enough recording sheets for each group.

The recording sheets are easy to grade with answer keys included.

Black and white options are also included in the set!

What about your students that don’t need to remediate?

Place them in an enrichment with a fun activity like this word problem pumpkin craft.

Download a Free 3rd Grade Fall FL BEST Set of Task Cards


Sometimes it can seem like students aren’t making progress. I recommend tracking your students’ data and having quarterly data chats with them after large assessments.

Grab the free 3rd Grade Florida BEST “I Can” Math Data tracking sheets and learn about different ways to use them with your students here.


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