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Are you on the hunt for math morning work that aligns to the new 3rd grade Florida B.E.S.T. standards? I have created the perfect weekly Florida BEST Math morning work. You can download a free week to use with your students below.

How to Use Florida BEST Math Morning Work

I suggest making enough copies for every student to have their own sheet. After you have taught a few of the number sense and operation standards get copies made and organize them in hanging file folders so you can find them when you need them.

The morning work reviews one standard at a time for 4 days. Following a Monday through Thursday format. Each day has four similar questions for students to answer.

It’s helpful to pass out the morning work on Monday morning. Have it waiting on students’ desk as they come in the room. Make sure they write their name on it them store it in their binder or morning work folder. These folders are bright and easy to locate in a student’s desk or look pretty collected and stored in a basket on a shelf. They are also a great price for a whole class set.

Each morning students spend the first 5 to 10 minutes of class answering the four questions for the day. You can easy walk around and check their work, pull a few students to review the standard with you in small group or check as a class.

There is no morning work assigned for Friday which leaves extra time for assessment or acts as a buffer for students to finish previous days before they turn it in for the week.

Florida BEST Math Morning Work 3rd grade example

Benefit of Using Florida BEST Math Morning Work

The first benefit of using the math morning work is the structure and routine it adds to your mornings. Students love knowing what to expect as they walk in your room. You spend more time at first teaching the routine of come in quietly, take out your morning work folder, answers todays questions but it become like a well-oiled machine as the days and weeks go by.

The second benefit of using the morning work is gives you a few extra minutes every morning to complete a much-needed task. Calling a parent or speaking with a student that’s been out for a week. The rest of the class is engaged with a meaningful Florida B.E.S.T. standards aligned task while you are taking care of the unpredictable things that pop up first thing in the morning.

The third benefit of using the morning work is the built-in review time it provides. Each week of morning work review one standard so students can practice the standard daily. You can use the time to pull a small group or work one on one with a student that is struggling with the concept for the week. Go in order and review or the standards or pick and choose the standards your class needs the most help with before a large assessment.

Where Do I Find the Florida BEST Math Morning Work Bundle?

You can find the rest of the Florida BEST math morning work Number sense and operations bundle in my TPT shop.

Florida BEST Math Morning Work example

The rest of the domains are coming soon! Check back in a few weeks for the Year Long 3rd Grade Florida BEST Standards Math Morning Work Bundle.

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