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Are your students struggling with composing and decomposing four-digit numbers? Check out this free grade 3 Florida BEST Math lesson for 3.NSO.1.2 to review place value in your students’ math journals or printed into a booklet. The free lesson includes vocabulary, examples, guided practice, and independent center activities.

free grade 3 Florida best math lesson example pages

Free Grade 3 Florida BEST Math Lesson Example Page

The lesson is clearly labeled with the standard, 3.NSO.1.2 at the top and the statement, I can compose and decompose four-digit numbers written across the top. This helps students understand what they are trying to accomplish and how they can be successful.

Two vocabulary words are reviewed along with two examples. The first example reviews three ways to decompose the number 254. The second example increases in difficulty and reviews 3 ways to decompose the four-digit number 2,212.

free grade 3 Florida best math lesson guided practice

Grade 3 Florida BEST Math Lesson Guided Practice

The guided practice still has the standard and I can compose and decompose four digit numbers multiple ways listed at the top.

There are two questions about decomposing four digit numbers and the same chart used to show the three different ways.

Students can decompose the numbers with models, standard form, expanded form or place value disc.

free grade 3 Florida best math lesson sorting activity

Florida BEST Math Lesson Independent Practice

There are several options for the independent practice. Included in the lesson are 3 sorting activities, and a find the error worksheet.

Students can complete all of the activities or just the ones you think will benefit them the most.

They can be used during the lesson, as a center activity, a small group activity, or even sent home for homework.

free grade 3 Florida best math lesson sorting activity

How to Use This Florida BEST Math Lesson

This grade 3 Florida BEST math lesson was created to be completed in student’s interactive math journals, but it can easily be printed and made into it’s on booklet or printed as worksheets.

Great to leave with a sub or to review the standard as you prep for a test.

What Teachers Are Saying

My Favorite Items to Use with this Math Lesson

  • Bright Paper-I love using bright paper in the math journal because it makes it seem more special than a boring worksheet and it’s fun to color code by domain. Blue for Multiplication, red for fractions, ect. The Astrobrights Color Paper is my favorite!
  • Erasable Pens-Erasable pens are amazing! I love using the different colors in my teacher math journal as I share steps and examples with the class. I previously used the Flair brand pens but hated making mistakes and the hassle of whiteout. The Pilot Frixion Erasable pens work great and are a must in any math class.
  • Paper Cutter-Not sure what I did without my paper cutter. It saves so much time and keeps everything straight. I like to pass out the parts of a lesson one at a time, so nothing gets lost. Often, I’ll cut the pages of the journal up first to make it easier and more efficient for the class. This paper cutter is cute and just the right size for a classroom.

Download the Free Grade 3 Florida BEST Math Lesson

You can download a free 3rd grade FL BEST place value math journal lesson from start to finish here.

What About the Rest of the Standards?

Several teachers reached out and asked for me to create more lessons for the other 3rd grade Florida BEST standards.

There is also a BUNDLE option available for you to check out if you what to start using these math lessons in your math journals.

The bundle includes a lesson for every standard. Each lesson follows the same format.

3rd Grade Florida BEST Math Journal NSO

What to Track Your Students’ Progress?

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