Teacher Must Haves 2021


Are you looking for ways to get excited about the back to school season? Check out my teacher must haves for 2021 so you can start the year off right.

1. Hydro Flask

I love to drink  water throughout the day and honestly hate room temperature water. I’ve tried different water bottles or even disposable ones in the fridge at school but nothing beats my Aqua Hydro Flask. It is easy to keep clean, carry around with me and hold a ton of water for the day. I also rarely bring it to a meeting and leave it accidently because the color and size helps it stand out.

2. Planner

The 365 Happy planner is my favorite. I am very picky with my planner and what goes in it so I love having the ability to add and remove pages. I bought a planner and whole puncher a few years ago and use the same one now. I just remove pages as I complete them and add as the year goes on. I also love adding important checklists from my admin team or notes from training. Helps me not waste time looking for papers. Everything is in one place. 

3. Colorful Back to School Shirt

My grade level takes a fun group picture at the start of every year. We coordinate over the summer colors and find a fun design revolving around our theme or grade level. I love having something simple to wear on our casual Fridays and the kids get a kick out of all the teachers wearing the same shirt. 

4. New Pens and Markers

There is something so sweet about new Flair pens or Smell good chart markers that make grading papers and creating charts so much more enjoyable. 

5. Pretty Clipboard

I have always kept my weekly conduct chart on a clipboard with a piece of laminated paper on top so it stayed private during lunch or resource. Purchasing a fun colorful clipboard is exciting for the kids and me too. It literally goes everywhere with us so it’s a simple way to bring joy into the day.

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