Florida BEST Math Homework for 3rd Grade


Are you looking for grade 3 math homework that aligns to the new Florida B.E.S.T. standards? You need this Florida BEST math homework that reviews each standard weekly. You can download a free week to use with your students below.

How is the Florida BEST Math Homework Organized?

The Florida BEST math homework is designed for Monday through Thursday to fit on one sheet of paper double sided. Each day of the week has 4 questions that are similar.

Why Assign Florida BEST Math Homework

1. Students and Parents Love It

Parents understand math but when worksheets are sent home with different strategies every night it’s hard to keep up. Parents feel helpless and can’t support their child at home.

Weekly math homework that focuses on one standard at a time helps parents and students. They spend the extra time looking in the textbook or math journal. Email families or post a photo of an anchor chart for the specific skill to be intentional and support students as they practice at home.

2. Builds Routine

I tried so many different things for homework. I used our textbook and assigned pages, spiral reviews or sent a different sheet home every night but all of them frustrated me as a teacher.

Students forgot their textbook or couldn’t remember which worksheet to complete. I forgot to pass out the homework then had to send out an email at 3:10 to parents to update them. The spiral review homework never lined up perfectly with our curriculum guide, so students were working on problems we had not covered in class yet. All of these outcomes led to more stress on my shoulders.

Routine frees our brains to focus on what is actually important. Students learning! Habits form quickly when they solve 4 questions every night during the week.

3. Provides Extra Remediation and Test Prep

Students practice the same skill or standard for the entire week Monday through Thursday. Pick a skill that has already been taught in class to focus on. This way students feel successful and confident when they sit down to tackle their homework.

If they feel confused on Monday night at home, they can come to school ready to ask their question and then return home Tuesday night to practice again on a similar problem. They can use Monday’s homework as 4 examples to support them while away from the classroom.

After solving 16 questions on a particular standard, the strategy will be cemented in their brains more than just a random problem here and a random problem there. 

3rd Grade Florida BEST math homework on white background with pen and journal

Tips to Use Florida BEST Math Homework

Tip 1: Plan Ahead of Time

Be intentional about the standards you review. Each week of math homework reviews one standard at a time. Look at your data from a recent assessment and decide which standards need to be reviewed first. Print and make copies. Store them in a filing cabinet so you have them ready Monday morning to

Tip 2: Don’t Grade Homework

Don’t grade homework for accuracy. It’s not a true representation of their understanding. Homework is practice completed at home and often with the support of families. Over the last few years, I have checked for completion only and that has helped relieve the stress for lots of families.

When students enter the classroom on Friday mornings, they grab their breakfast and take out their homework. A responsible student helper gets to skip morning work, grab the homework clipboard, and checks if students have their homework, and puts a circle next to their name if they don’t have it. No excuses needed. I follow up with the students that have circles by their names. I save the recording sheets in my parent communication binder to pull out for conferences or MRT meetings.

Tip 3: Reward Students for Completing the Entire Week

Now to the best part. Rewards. My students love rewards. It motivates them. Here is a list of the rewards I have used in the past.

  • Candy
  • Lunch Bunch in the classroom
  • Class Dojo points
  • Classroom money reward used to buy prizes
  • Raffle tickets for students that complete homework
  • 5 minute learning games on the computer pass

Where Do I Find the Florida BEST Math Homework?

You can find the rest of the Florida BEST Math Homework Number sense and operations bundle in my TPT shop.

thumbnail for entire year of 3rd grade Florida BEST Math Homework

Interested in the other domains? Check out the 3rd Grade Florida BEST Standards math homework bundle that reviews all the standards.


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