Spiral Review for 4th Grade FAST Assessment

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How are you filling the gaps and preparing for the 4th grade FAST assessment? Use this 10-day 4th Grade FAST assessment spiral review to help your students review all the standards for the test.

4th Grade FAST Assessment Spiral Review 10 day countdown

How is the 4th Grade FAST Assessment Spiral Review organized?

As you can see from the picture the spiral review has one day per page. Each day includes 4 questions that assess 4 different standards. There are 10 days total with one standard repeating to review the multiple ways the standard could be assessed.

At the bottom of the page there is a section for the teacher or students to record their score for the review.

How to Use the 4th Grade FAST Assessment Spiral Review?

There are many ways to use the 4th grade FAST assessment spiral review. You can print it as a packet and give it to each student to keep and work on over the course of ten separate days.

Printing one sheet at a time and working through the countdown that way is another option. You could view each sheet as a separate activity.

When to Use the 4th Grade FAST Assessment Spiral Review?

  • Small Group-perfect review for your bubble students that you are concerned about passing the FAST. Helps make sure they are familiar with all the different types of questions.
  • Homework-assign one sheet nightly or send home over spring break as review. Make sure you have taught the standards you are sending home for students to complete.
  • Whole Group-use whole group to review test taking strategies for each question type.
  • Tutoring-easy resource to send with a tutor for students to complete outside of class that will provide extra support for the FAST assessment.
  • Centers-can be used as an independent activity or completed with partners.

Is There More Review?

Hoping to make a 50 or 100 day review soon. Check back in a few months. I will post the completed resources here when they are completed.

What About Other Grade Levels?

Yes! There are Florida FAST assessment reviews for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.

If you teach all three grades, there is a bundle option available here

4th Grade FAST Assessment Spiral Review with pens and notebook

Should I grade the 4th Grade FAST Assessment Spiral Review?

This depends on the way you assigned the spiral review and the time of year.

If you are using this during the middle of the year and students completed it with a partner, then I would say no. Check for completion and maybe use to collect data for your future small groups and focus lessons.

If students complete the review independently and have learned all the standards for the entire year then I would go ahead and grade the review so you can get an idea of how the students will perform on the 4th grade math FAST assessment.

Are your students struggling with word problems?

word problem template with color pencils

You can read more about how to use it with your students by clicking on the image or HERE.

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pin for 4th grade Florida BEST test Prep math review

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