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Meet Sara from Teaching at the Oaks

My husband, son and I live in sunny Florida. We met in November 2015 and were married less than a year later. When you know, you know. We had our son in November 2019 after several miscarriages. He is our gift from God!

Teaching is a large part of my life. My college professor saw my resume online and called me in for an interview right after graduation. He was still teaching in the classroom and close with my previous principal.

They hired me and I started co-teaching in January 2013. Another huge blessing. My co-teacher had 30 years of experience and excellent classroom management so I spent my time learning the content. That’s where my love of math started. I stayed up late creating centers and learning the standards.

I have taught all subjects but greatly prefer focusing solely on math and science. My principal is a great leader because she promotes a growth mindset (for teachers too) and family-like community. I truly consider it a privilege to work where I do.

But this year is different. It’s hard and filled with new challenges. I miss the ease of centers, my Kagan strategies, conferences, and seeing my students smile.

As teachers, I keep reminding myself, we do hard things because we love our students. We will make it through this crazy school year. I hope this blog can bring some excitement back into your classroom and make lesson planning a little easier.

We are all in this together.


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