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Are your 3rd grade math students finishing their work early or feeling bored with their classwork. These 3rd grade Florida BEST math choice boards are designed to align with the Florida BEST math standards and to keep students engaged as they review the standards creatively.

Florida BEST Math Choice Boards with markers and notecards

How are the Math Choice Boards Organized?

The 3rd grade Florida BEST math choice boards are organized by standard. Each board has the standard number, and I can statement at the top for easy reference.

There is a table divided into 6 sections on each board. Each section has a tittle like poster, create it, writing, make a game, how to, or students’ choice.

Some of the sections provide specific directions for completing the tasks while other are open ended and allow the students to be creative.

Florida BEST Math Choice Boards for NSO with index cards

When to Use the Florida BEST Math Choice Boards?

You can use the Florida BEST math choice boards anytime students finish their classwork and need an activity to keep them engaged and practicing the standard. Since there is a board for every standard there is plenty of variety.

The choice boards are also great to use in a GATE classroom or as enrichment to help students from becoming bored.

End of the school year is another time to pull out these math choice boards. Students are over textbooks so pulling out this activity is a great way to review the 3rd grade Florida BEST standards and not fall into the trap of watching movies every day. Students will be excited to make a poster or write about their favorite strategy or make a skit. Bonus tip-have students spend time presenting their projects. Not only does it help their public speaking skills, but it also helps fill up those long days that seem to drag by when the normal routine is gone.

  • Early Finisher
  • Enrichment
  • GATE classroom
  • End of School Lesson
  • Centers
Florida BEST Math Choice Boards with glue and spiral

Where to Store the Florida BEST Math Choice Boards

My favorite way to store the Florida BEST math choice boards is in a binder filled with sheet protectors. Keep one choice board per sheet protector so it’s easy to flip through and find the one you need.

I suggest creating an area near your centers for students to access the math choice board. In the past, I have put a few copies in a basket or folder for students to use when they are finished with their classwork.

You can also clip a few copies to a bulletin board for easy access. Keep in mind that a few of the activities require extra supplies so having a shelf nearby with markers, index cards, poster paper and scissors is a good idea.

Can I Edit the Florida BEST Math Choice Boards?

Yes! There is a PDF version that is print and go but an editable PowerPoint version is also included. There are instructions for downloading the font from Teacher Pay Teachers if you want to make it look like the PDF version. You can delete or edit any task that doesn’t work for your students or classroom.

I would love to hear any changes you made. Please leave them in the comments below.

Also, you can add in specific details like materials needed for the activity or where in the classroom to complete the activity.

Where Can I Get My Free Copy?

Grab your free 3rd grade Florida BEST math choice board below!

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    What About the Rest of the Standards?

    There is a bundle that includes every 3rd grade Florida BEST standard. That’s 34 math choice boards to use throughout the year.

    You can get the whole bundle HERE.

    Florida BEST Math Choice Boards bundle

    My Favorite Items to Use with the Choice Boards

    • Bright Paper-I love using bright paper in the math journal because it makes it seem more special than a boring worksheet and it’s fun to color code by domain. Blue for Multiplication, red for fractions, ect. The Astrobrights Color Paper is my favorite!
    • Chart Paper-I love this chart paper because it is easy to store, and students don’t make a mess as they go to get a sheet. It’s easy to hang and display. The lines help students (and teachers) write neatly on it.

    Save For Later

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