Emergency Sub Plans in 5 Simple Steps

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Do you want a stress-free solution to a common problem this year? Emergency sub plans that are organized and ready to go will make your life easier. Keep reading the following steps to get started today.

1. Location of Emergency Sub Plans

Reach out to your team or front office staff and ask where they would like you to store your plans and copies. At my school, we have a filing cabinet in the front office that is organized by the last name. If this isn’t an option for you then talk with your grade level and decide on a location together. For example, keep a bin by your desk that is labeled or a special binder on the bookshelf nearby.

emergency sub plans in white basket

2. Storage of Emergency Sub Plans

Next, you need an organized way to store your sub plans, notes, and copies. I used this bright blue 1-inch binder with a simple handwritten cover titled Emergency Sub Plans with my name and grade level. Inside, I used sheet protectors to make updating throughout the year easier. The student copies are paper clipped by activity and I used a large clip to secure them all to the back of the binder.

Emergency sub plan copies in the back of a binder- teaching at the oaks

3. Include Standard-based Lessons

It is tempting to leave fluff activities that will be easy for a sub to pass out and not have to deal with questions but I encourage you to leave previously taught activities that align with your standards. Not sure where to start? Pick something that your students struggled with earlier in the year. For my class, I decided on word problems. Find resources that can be used for a gradual release of instruction. If that sounds overwhelming then I suggest searching Teacher pay Teacher for something you can print out and save your valuable time on.

Check out my 3rd grade plans HERE and my 5th grade sub plans HERE.

Emergency sub plans 3rd grade math and science-teaching at the oaks
sub plans for 5th grade

4. Gather Documents for Emergency Sub Plans

In addition to your plans, you need to add important documents specific to your school and class. I recommend putting everything in sheet protectors so it will last and is easy to update.

Here is a list of what I include in my Emergency Sub Binder

  • Classroom Management Plan
  • Fire Drill and Code Red Procedure
  • Assigned Recess Zones (with a labeled picture of the playground)
  • Monthly Calendar with Important Schoolwide Events
  • Weekly Resource Schedule (art, music, media, and p.e.)
  • Daily Schedule
  • Dismissal Chart
  • Conduct Chart with Line Order
  • Seating Chart

5. Update Emergency Sub Plans Often

Return to your plans quarterly or even monthly. At my school, we update every planning day but this year with all the changes, we update almost every month. Students return to the classroom every week from online instruction. Updates can be simple if the emergency sub plans were not used that quarter. Add in the updated class list or new monthly calendar. Once you have everything together, the updating part is simple.

Have you created your emergency sub plans yet? Commented below and let me know which step you are on. Your future self will thank you!


3rd grade sub plans in binder

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