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These third grade free rounding math center games will help your 3rd grade students gain mastery and deepen their understanding of the rounding common core math standard. Rounding is a new concept to 3rd grade students. Often I introduce rounding with the vertical number line and then move towards memorizing the rule and applying it to different types of questions.

free roll it rounding game with dice

My students typically need a lot of practice so they don’t forget this new concept and how it applies to the different place values. The free rounding math center includes a game involving dice and a matching activity so students are practicing the same standard in different ways. 

free rounding matching game

The recording sheet is simple and easy to use. It asks students to write the I Can statement so if anyone from your admin team walks through your room the students can read and explain the standard based activity they are working on. They can also self assess by shading in the stars to rate their understanding. The answer key is clear so a student can check their own work, saving you time and giving them instant feedback.

free rounding math center game recording sheet

Do you students try to interrupt your small group with comments and questions that are not emergencies? Well, the comment section will be a sanity saver if you train them to write their thoughts down so you can sift through them on your own time and address as needed. 

If you enjoy using this resource and are looking for more math center games then check out my bundle that includes all the 3rd grade common core standards.

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