Common Core Math Review Games


We are almost halfway through the school year and it’s the perfect time to pull out all the standards based review games to help keep students engaged and learning. Continue reading to see how you can use these common core math review games in your classroom.

common core math review games

Solve the Mystery Message

Have students answer each question. As they solve the questions, they write the letter next to the correct answer in the corresponding box at the top of the page. When they finish answering all the questions, the boxes at the top will reveal a popular growth mindset message.

common core math review games

5 Growth Mindset Messages Included

  • Make Today Matter (9 questions) Reviews ALL Geometry Standards
  • You Can And You Will (10 questions) Reviews ALL Fraction Standards
  • Embrace Every Challenge (12 questions) Reviews ALL Measurement and Data Standards
  • You Can Do Hard Things (13 questions) Reviews ALL Operations & Algebraic Thinking Standards
  • Do The Next Right Thing (10 questions) Reviews ALL Number & Operations in Base Ten Standards
common core math review games

Around the Room Review

Around the Room Review is a favorite in my classroom. I set up numbered stations around the classroom and split students up into groups. If the review sheet has 9 questions then I have 9 stations and 9 groups. I set a timer and students move from station to station as the timer goes off. Students stay way more focused and work hard to finish before the timer is up.

Partner Work

Let students choose a partner. Then have them race to solve the questions and find the secret message.

Morning Work or Homework

These common core math review games are great for morning work or homework before a unit test or quarterly assessment. They are fun and fill students’ minds with a growth mindset instead of doubt and anxious thoughts.

Small Group

Often students in your small group, feel more discouraged with math than the rest of the class. Talk up the activity. Get them excited about discovering the secret message. Work with them, pausing to reteach a concept or standard as you work through the review game.

Whole Group

As a class, reveal one question at a time. Let students solve on their white boards or journals then choose one student to pick the correct answer and letter to help complete the mystery message as a class. Make the whole experience a fun bonding activity as students try to guess the growth mindset message.

common core math review games

3rd Grade Common Core Math Review Games

Click here to get the review games to use in your classroom.

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