5 Fraction Resources Round Up

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Are you a third grade teacher looking for a new fraction resource? Check out this round up below to get some new ideas to use in your classroom.

1. Fraction Homework Resources

I prefer to assign homework that focuses on one standard per week so students can practice one skill for several days and I can collect observations about their understanding to help form center groups. Both of these resources have one week of questions per standard so you can assign and work on one concept per week.

weekly math homework fraction resource
math homework test prep fraction resource

2 Fraction Center Games

The next fraction resource is a collection of games. Center games are a fun way to review and keep students engaged throughout the year. Students can complete with a partner, with you in small group or even independently. Check out the Understanding fractions, fractions on a number line and comparing fractions resources below to see which one would benefit your students most. There is a matching game and roll the dice activity for each third grade fraction standard.

understanding fractions resource
number line center fraction resource
math center fraction resource

3. Fraction Small Group Resource

The third fraction resource is Small Group Focus lessons. In my experience, there is always a group of students that needs extra support and reteaching during our fraction unit. These editable lessons walk you through the gradual release model so students can move towards mastery of the standard in a smaller group setting. You’ll end the meeting with a quick exit ticket to make sure students have grasped the concept before you move on to the next concept.

small group fraction resource

4. Fraction of the Day

I love the Fraction review book for it’s flexibility. You can leave it with a substitute or use it as morning work. Have students pull it out as an earlier finisher activity or ask them to work on it for 5 minutes when they come in from lunch or recess. A great fraction resource to build students confidence and familiarity with fractions through the daily repetition.

review book fraction resource

5. Fraction Bookmark

The fraction bookmark is an awesome resource to give students as a gift at the start of your fraction unit. Students can keep it in their math journal, tape it on their desk or take home to use as a tool to help with homework. Parents also appreciated the resource via email or attached to the monthly newsletter so they knew what we were working on and how to support their child at home. You can purchase the bookmark for yourself here.

bookmark fraction resource

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