Three 3rd Grade Math Freebies

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Sharing the love this Valentine’s day with three 3rd Grade math freebies. Check out the rounding center, weekly math homework and mystery mindset review game below. All three resources are common core standard based and can be found in my free resource library.

If you are part of my teacher tribe then head over there now to get your freebies. If you aren’t apart of it then fill out the form below to access your three 3rd grade math freebies.

rounding game 3rd grade math freebie

Rounding Center Games

The rounding center games are great for small group instruction. My students love when I do a quick mini lesson then say we are doing a game for center time. They are way more engaged and excited to solve problems when dice for the Roll It game or matching cards are used.

recording sheet for math center

All 24-3rd grade math common core standards are included in my Math Center Games Bundle, which you can get by clicking here.

roll it rounding center game 3rd grade math freebies

Weekly Math Homework

When I made the switch to weekly math homework , I wished I had made the jump sooner. It made the running to do list in my mind shorter. I can plan out and copy homework for the whole 9 weeks without worrying about getting behind or miss placing my huge stack of copies.

time freebie weekly homework picture 3rd grade math freebies

Check out the FREE time, mass and volume weekly math homework in my FREE resource library to get an idea if this style of homework will work in your classroom.

If you love this best seller-then you can find all 3rd grade common core math standards and 25 weeks of homework HERE.

5 mystery message review games 3rd grade math freebies

Mystery Mindset Common Core Math Review Games

Bring the growth mindset into your math review with these mystery mindset games. There are 5 games with each one focusing on a different domain. The messages are positive such as “Do the next right thing” and “Make today matter.” As students answer a question, they reveal the correct letter for the corresponding number in the mystery message. Very fun!

Try one FREE number and operation in base ten sample activity by filling in the form below:

You can purchase the whole game for all 3rd grade common core standards by clicking HERE.

Let me know in the comments below which resource you are MOST excited about.

3 free third grade math activities

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