How to Teach 3rd Grade Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2


Are you teaching the 3rd grade Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2 to your students?

I put together a teacher guide for you to use as you create lesson plans. You will find resources, anchor charts, math journal examples, vertical alignment and much more.

Save this post if you teach 3rd grade math because I’ll continue to add ideas to it as I collect them.

What is MA.3.AR.1.2?

MA.3.AR.1.2-Solve one- and two-step real-world problems involving any of four operations with whole numbers.

math journal pages for Florida BEST standard MA.3.AR.1.2

Vocabulary Florida BEST Standard MA.3.NSO.1.2

  • Expression-is a number statement that does not have an equal sign
  • Equation- a number sentence that contains an equal sign, showing that two expressions are equal.

Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2 Vertical Alignment

Learned last year:

MA.2.AR.1.1-Solve one- and two-step addition and subtraction real-world problems.

Learning Next Year:

MA.4.AR.1.1-Solve real-world problems involving multiplication and division of whole numbers including problems in which remainders must be interpreted within the context.

MA.4.AR.1.2-Solve real-world problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators, including mixed numbers and fractions greater than one.

Anchor Chart Example

Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2 Misconceptions

One common misconception for this standard is a lack of comprehension and students not solving both steps in a two-step word problem. Provide students with a graphic organizer that helps them read the problem multiple times to identify what they know, are looking for and how to find it.

Another common misconception is that students can’t draw effective models for the problems. Help students by removing the quantities from the problem and encouraging them to estimate the answer first.

Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2 Lessons

If you’re looking for resources to help teach and review Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2 with your students, then check out the interactive math journal pages from my TPT shop.

The math journal lesson includes an instructional page with examples, practice problems, 3 center activities, and a find the mistake task.

You can download a FREE 3rd grade Florida BEST math journal lesson from start to finish here.

There is also a BUNDLE option available for you to check out for the best deal on ALL the 3rd Grade Florida BEST standards.

math journal bundle including Florida BEST Standard MA.3.NSO.1.2

Centers for Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2

Math Choice Boards-Students can review all the algebraic reasoning standards. These math choice boards are great for enrichment, centers, or an early finisher activity.

Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2 Math Homework

Looking for another way to review Florida BEST standard MA.3.AR 1.2? Check out the weekly math homework that includes a week for each of the algebraic reasoning standards.

weekly math homework Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2

MA.3.AR.1.2 Seasonal Resources

Check out the Halloween pumpkin craft to review one and two step real world word problems with your students.

Florida BEST standard MA.3.AR.1.2 Halloween

Easter Spring Word Problem Craft-Grab a free craft to use with your students and learn how to use them HERE.

3rd grade Florida BEST standard MA.3.AR.1.2 Easter Craft

Free Spring Florida BEST Standard MA.3.AR.1.2 Craft

Grab this Freebie!

Free Spring Florida BEST Math Craft

    MA.3.AR.1.2 Exit Tickets and Assessments

    Here are 2 assessment questions you can use to assess this standard with your students.

    1. A bookstore has 9 boxes of books. Each box
    contains 12 books. On Monday, the bookstore
    sold 31 books. How many books remain to be

    _______________ books
    2. For a school food drive, three students bring
    in cases of canned goods to donate. June brings
    3 cases, Paul brings 4 cases, and Mila brings
    6 cases. Each case contains 5 canned goods.
    How many canned goods in all does the school

    ____________________ canned goods

    Track Students’ Progress with MA.3.AR.1.2

    I’ve created a free downloadable “I Can” printable for you to use in your classroom. Click the image below to download your free data tracking printable for all of the 3rd grade Florida BEST math standards.

    3rd grade Florida BEST I can Sheet for standards

    The data sheets are great for data notebooks with students to date and score standards throughout the year. Your teacher data notebook is another place to use the data sheets to monitor your classes’ progress towards mastery of the 3rd grade Florida BEST math standards.

    Honestly, I enjoyed putting it together and seeing all of the “I Can” statements for each standard written out by domain. There we so many similarities that the transition is less overwhelming and more manageable than I expected.

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