Free Florida BEST Math Homework for Grade 3


Are you searching for a way to review place value with your 3rd grade students? Grab a free copy of the Florida BEST math homework today!

Is it Aligned to the New Florida BEST Standards?

Yes! The free Florida BEST math homework reviews understanding the place value of 4-digit numbers (MA.3.NSO.1.1).

There are questions about standard form, expanded form, drawing the number with place value disc and finding the error in another student’s answer.

free Florida BEST Math Homework for grade 3 next to journal

Does it Review Multiple Standards?

No! This homework is not a spiral review. All the questions for the whole week are aligned with the same standard.

This helps students practice and builds their confidence using the same strategies over and over again with familiar problems.

It also saves you from sending home anything you haven’t taught yet in class and students not having the knowledge to answer all the questions on a spiral review homework.

How is the Free Florida BEST Math Homework Organized?

The standard and I CAN statement are located at the top of the page.

The Florida BEST math homework follows the same layout for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

There are four questions per day with similar questions each day.

Monday and Tuesday are on the front page and Wednesday and Thursday are on the back. I suggest printing the homework double sided to save paper.

There is no section for Friday, so it’s designed to be assigned on Monday and returned on Friday. Depending on if it is a new standard or not, you can send it home the Friday before, so students have extra time to complete it. Weekday nights can be busy for lots of students so the extra time over the weekend really helps.

free Florida BEST Math Homework for grade 3 next to journal

Why Should I Use the Free Florida BEST Math Homework?

1. Quick and easy to use on the fly. The entire week of homework is on one sheet of paper! Saves paper if your school counts your copies like mine did for a period of time. Send the pdf out to parents so they have a digital copy incase students can’t find their homework. This style of homework makes your life so much easier!

2. Provides intentional work. Students are clear from the I CAN statement at the top of the plage that they are trying to learn to place value for 4-digit numbers. When teachers, students, and parents know what the goal is, it is easier for it to be achieved.

3. Parents love it too. They enjoy seeing what students are working on in class but appreciate the format and time required to complete it. Most students can finish the four questions in 10 to 15 minutes max. They can use previous day’s questions as examples and feel more confident as they move through the week,

Where Can I Find the Rest of the Standards?

You can find the rest of the Florida BEST Math Homework Number sense and operations bundle in my TPT shop. This bundles

g includes 8 weeks of math homework. One for each number sense and operations standard.

Interested in the other domains? Check out the 3rd Grade Florida BEST Standards math homework bundle that reviews all the standards. This bundle includes 34 weeks of homework and is enough for the entire year! One week for each standard.

Having all the standards allows you to send home the review that is most needed for your students. It can align with what you are currently learning in class or be review based on a recent assessment.

Florida BEST Math Homework bundle for 3rd grade

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