Free Spring Florida BEST Math Craft for Grade 3


Do you want to review for the 3rd grade math FAST and decorate a door or bulletin board for spring? Check out this free spring Florida BEST math craft reviewing word problems involving all 4 operations.

flower word problems on table with scissors

Is It Aligned to the New Florida BEST Math Standards?

Yes! The free Florida BEST spring math crafts aligns with the standard, MA.3.AR.1.2 which asks students to solve one- and two-step real-world problems involving any of four operations with whole numbers.

4 spring Florida BEST math flower craft

Four Layouts to Choose From

There are four layout options available. There are two different flower designs that students will cut out and can display on a door, bulletin board, or window. Students can color the flower designs with crayons, color pencils or even watercolor.

Each design comes with a graphic organizer and without one. The graphic organizer is there to help with students’ comprehension of the problem. It asks students to answer the following three questions before they move on with solving the problem.

  1. I Know
  2. Looking For
  3. Need To

You can use the graphic organizer for all the problems or just the word problems with two steps. Likewise, you can assign the graphic organizer to the whole class or just a group of students that you know will benefit from slowing down and thinking about the problems before they determine the operation needed to solve it.

3rd grade Florida BEST math flower craft with scissor and color pencils in white cup

Are There More?

Yes! Visit my TPT shop to get the entire Spring Florida BEST math craft. There are 10-word problems included. The first five of the word problems are one step and word problems 6-10 are two steps. All 4 operations are reviewed.

cover for spring Florida BEST math craft pin

I am working on additional 3rd grade Florida BEST standards now. I will post as soon as I finish.

There is also a bundle option that includes the Spring and Easter craft available for Florida BEST standard MA.3.AR.1.2.

If you are reviewing measurement word problems, then check out this bundle for another Spring and Easter craft option.

Why Use the Free Spring Florida BEST Math Craft?

Test Prep-Word problems are typically a weak area for students when it comes to state testing. They feel pressured to rush through them and jump too quickly to the operation and skip the comprehension part of the process. This free Spring Florida BEST math craft helps students slow down and practice the perseverance needed to solve difficult two step real world problems.

Sub Plans-These word problems are simple to print out and include in your emergency sub plans for the quarter. They can be used at any time of the year as long as students have learned all four operations.

Engaging-Something about solving a problem on a cute flower that you know will be displayed helps motivate you to slow down and take ownership of your work. It gives students a strong desire to do their best work.

Low Prep-Print and go! Students cut out and color the activity. Is there anything easier?

Differentiated Instruction-Assign the graphic organizer to students that need extra support. Help them slow down and comprehend the problem. Let students that have mastery of MA.3.AR.1.2 explore their favorite ways to model the problem with more open space to draw diagrams or show their work. Assign students one flower word problem or 2 or all of them. Plenty of ways to make this activity work for your classroom.

3rd grade Florida BEST math craft on bright paper

Get Your Free Craft Below!

Grab this Freebie!

Free Spring Florida BEST Math Craft

    mr. sketch markers over 3rd grade Florida BEST math craft.

    My Favorite Items to Use with this Spring Craft

    • Bright Paper-I love using bright paper because it looks good and saves time if I don’t want the students to color the craft. The Astrobrights Color Paper is my favorite!
    • Crayon-If I do want students to color the activity, I loves these twistable crayons. They are awesome for coloring and don’t break into tiny pieces.

    Save For Later

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