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As a teacher, homework can be stressful and add extra unwanted work. Some teachers swear by it and other teachers won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. I personally think homework is beneficial for students if done correctly. Continue reading to learn why assigning math homework weekly is worth it for your students.

Consistency Creates Routine

I’ve tried so many different things for homework. I’ve used our textbook and assigned pages, spiral reviews or sent a different sheet home every night but all of them frustrated me as a teacher. Students forgot their textbook or couldn’t remember which worksheet to complete. I would forget to pass out the homework then have to send out an email at 3:10 to parents to update them. The spiral review homework never lined up perfectly with our curriculum guide so students were working on problems we had not covered in class yet. All of these outcomes led to more stress on my shoulders.

That’s why I made the switch to weekly math homework. The weekly homework I assign follows a Monday through Thursday format with 4 questions per night. The 4 questions are similar each day so students can practice each type of question multiple times. 

They can create a special place to store the homework. Habits form quickly when they solve 4 questions every night during the week. They learn where to look for help and how to ask specific questions because their little minds aren’t filled up with questions like “Do I have tonight?” 

5th grade area multiply fractions math homework

Parents Love Weekly Math Homework

My kids aren’t in school yet but I have several friends’ kids that are and you would not believe the amount of texts and calls I receive about confusing homework.

Parents understand math but when worksheets are sent home with different strategies every night it’s hard for them to keep up. Parents that want to support their child at home are left feeling helpless.

Weekly math homework helps them focus on one strategy at a time with their child. They can spend the extra time looking in the textbook or math journal. Maybe pulling up your Class Dojo account to see the anchor chart you posted on the specific skill. 

Weekly Math Homework is Effective

Students practice the same skill or standard for the entire week Monday through Thursday. Pick a skill that has already been taught in class to focus on. This way students feel successful and confident when they sit down to tackle their homework.

If they feel confused on Monday night at home, they can come to school ready to ask their question and then return home Tuesday night to practice again on a similar problem. They can use Monday’s homework as 4 examples to support them while away from the classroom.

After solving 16 questions on a particular standard, the strategy will be cemented in their brains more than just a random problem here and a random problem there. 

Hope this helps you if you are looking to mix up your homework routine.

I have a free 5th grade resource if you want to try the weekly math homework in your classroom. 

Let me know in the comments below about your current homework system.

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