Free 3rd Grade Common Core Weekly Math Homework


Are you looking for a way to review the 3rd grade Common Core math standards but are unsure how to fit it into your schedule? Download the free 3rd grade Common Core weekly math homework to use with your class.

free 3rd Grade Common Core Weekly Math Homework

Does it Align to the Standards?

Yes! It does align to the standards. Each week reviews a different standard. Included in the free download are the following two standards.

  • 3.MD.A.1Tell Time to the Nearest Minute and Solve Word Problems
  • 3.MD.A.2 Volume and Mass

How is it Organized?

Each week of 3rd grade Common Core weekly math homework follows the same format. There are four sections labeled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Each section has 4 similar questions so students can build their confidence as they move through the week.

3rd Grade Common Core Weekly Math Homework example

How to Use 3rd Grade Common Core Weekly Math Homework?

There are two ways to use the weekly math homework. You can assign it to reinforce what you are currently teaching your students. For example if you start teaching MD.A.1 on Monday then you can assign it that day for students to complete at home while they are learning the standard at school.

Personally, I prefer to be a week ahead. I teach a standard for a week or however long my curriculum guide says then send the weekly homework after I have taught the standard and students have practiced it in class.

My favorite way to use the homework is mid-way through the year to go along with my focus calendar. If students are struggling with a standard previously taught, then I can quickly review it day in class and also send the homework for the week.

Is Weekly Math Homework Better Than Spiral Review?

Yes! You can use each week as mini focus lessons. Focusing on one standard at a time helps students fill in the gaps and reinforces strategies previously taught.

You can also avoid sending home math problems that haven’t been taught in class yet like you would with spiral review.

Should I Grade 3rd Grade Common Core Weekly Math Homework

Definitely spend time checking it as a class but I would not grade for accuracy. Since students could complete it at home or with the help of family members it will not be an accurate grade for your records.

I suggest following up at the end of the week with a small exit ticket or assessment maybe 5 or 10 questions that aligns with the homework standard for the week. That will give you a clearer picture of their mastery with the standard.

What Other Teachers Are Saying

  • This worked wonderfully with my class, and my parents loved it too! I’m always trying to implement better practices each year, and this was definitely a positive introduction into my classroom. I’ll be using it from now on! Thank you!!— Jorden V.
  • This resource was a perfect addition to my math lessons! With this resource, I was able to give my students homework that aligned to what we had been learning. This was a perfect way for them to review at home!— Whitney R.

What About the Other 3rd Grade Common Core Math Standards?

There are more! One for every 3rd grade Common Core math standard. 25 weeks of review! Each week follows the same format but is designed to review a different standard.

Grab your copy of the 3rd Grade Common Core Weekly Math Homework Bundle to use this year with your students.

How Should I Organize and Store the Weekly Homework for the Entire Year?

The homework is designed to be organized. I suggest printing it all out. Keeping the originals in a folder or binder.

You can pull the standards you need by month or quarter and make copies for several weeks at a time.

You can organize the weeks into hanging folders in your filing cabinet so when Monday comes around you are not scrambling to find homework for the week.

Don’t forget to copy extras! It makes finding a copy for a student that “lost” their copy easier.

Save for Later

free 3rd Grade Common Core Weekly Math Homework

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